About Us

We are CRM Consultants and Trainers

We wrote the book(s) on CRM – Act!, Salesforce.com and Sugar CRM. We have been specializing in CRM for many years – the combined number of years made us feel to old to put on our website! We specialize in CRM Requirements, CRM Customization, CRM Reporting, data import/conversion/migration and eMarketing. We are certified trainers so we know how to effectively communicate the “how-to” to you and your team.

Meet the team…

act Salesforce Trainer

Carol Gilliland – Managing Partner

Carol Gilliland has held sales and sales management positions for over 25 years. She began her career in advertising sales then consumer products, working for Procter & Gamble, a company that has always been highly regarded in hiring and training the best of the best. As technology became more accessible, she shifted gears into that industry and was a part of making high-tech products more consumer friendly – she was Director of Sales at Logitech followed by VP of Sales & Marketing at Contour Design. .. Read More

Karen Fredricks – CRM Reports

Karen Fredricks is a certified Act! Consultant and Trainer in the South Florida region. She is an author of many CRM books – including Act!, Outlook, Business Contact Manager and Sugar CRM. Her background is high tech, working with personal computers in the 1980’s for IBM and she has been a full-time consultant and trainer ever since. She has raised two lovely daughters, Andrea and Alyssa.