Act! Email Marketing Services

The Benefits of Having your Own Act! Email Marketing SystemAct! Email Marketing Services

eMarketing is something that may be new to you but it is something you see every day.   Each and every day, you receive emails from shopping sites like Amazon, Costco, etc.  These emails are sent using a third party eMarketing solution like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or Vertical Response.  The actual email goes out through the servers of Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc.   When you open any of these emails you receive from other companies, and/or open any of the links contained in the emails, that “opened” or “clicked on link”  information is sent back to the company that sent you the email. 

Don’t get Marked as a Spammer

You can do the same thing with Act!. Act! has an integrated email marketing module that allows you to send out mass emails and then track the results.  These emails go out through the Act! servers rather than through your own Outlook.  This is important as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has the ability to mark you as a spammer if you were to send out hundreds of emails using mail merge.

So, let’s break down exactly how the Act! eMarketing module works as it is a bit different than tools like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.  And when I say different, in this case, I actually mean better – much better.  One of the biggest problems using any of these third party eMarketing tools like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact is that they create a second database, in addition to your CRM database.  You have to take the email data from your CRM database and export it to Mail Chimp or Constant Contact and send out your campaign.  Those incredibly valuable campaign results of “who opened my email?”and “who clicked on my links?” is located on the web under your Mail Chimp or Constant Contact account – not in your database.  So then you have to manually add activities like creating a “Call Hot Prospect” call list back into your CRM database.

Act! Email Marketing is Easier and QuickerAct! Email Marketing

Act! is different because the eMarketing is fully integrated in your database.  Let’s break that down so you can see the difference.

With Act!, you would first create your eMarketing template.  You can import graphics like your logo and pictures.  You can add links to your website (including links to landing pages)– all of which you can track.  Once you have created your template, within Act!, you can initiate the campaign.  You can send a campaign to one user, to a Lookup of Contacts, to a Group or to a Company.  Many of our clients create specific eMarketing groups based on specific dynamic criteria.  So you would choose which group or lookup or company to send the campaign and then give the email a subject line and click Send [note: you can also have a Scheduled Send so you can create the campaign on a quiet Saturday morning and have it sent on Tuesday at 11am].  That’s all you need to do to send a campaign – you don’t need to export the list to excel and then import it into a web eMarketing solution (like MailChimp.)

Email Marketing that is Integrated and Actionable

And while that is pretty cool, the true payout is when it comes to tracking the results of the campaign.  Instead of going to a Mail Chimp or Constant Contact website and looking at the results, you can click on the eMarketing button in Act! and see the results of each campaign.  The results show you who has opened your email, how many times they have opened it and how many times they have clicked on any links you had in your email.  And Act! then scores each response based on these numbers. 

You can highlight these hot prospects and create a Lookup of these contacts with one click.  And you can create an activity for them with one click.  All within Act!  So it is integrated and actionable.  And fast.  You send a campaign.  You track the results.  You create action items to follow up on the people that are most interested in your campaign.  Simple.  Easy.  Intuitive.  And you can make money.  Anyone that has clicked on your link is interested, so call them.  Or send them another email with more information.

Act! eMarketing is truly the best eMarketing solution out there.  Having only one database and being able to create campaigns, track results and take action on the results all with Act! make this CRM software incredibly powerful.