CRM Services

When you think about consultants you have hired in the past, what comes to mind?  Was it a painful experience where you felt you had to constantly reach out to them to get them to respond?  Did they understand your business?  Did they really care?

At CRM Total Solutions, first and foremost, you will work with skilled professionals that care about your business, have the smarts to grasp your industry and go to market strategy.  And we are highly responsive.  We have a four business hour response time so you can be guaranteed of a call or email reply.  We view ourselves as partners in your business and in your success, so your success becomes our success.

With CRM Total Solutions, you will have CRM Consultants that:

  • Understand your business
  • Respond to your business needs, issues or dilemmas
  • Are creative problems solvers
  • Understand technology – not just the actual CRM software but other tools that can increase productivity and reduce expenses.  After all, we are small business owners so we have to use these same tools to run our business
  • Are proactive in working through issues
  • Are incredible trainers so we can help train your team on your CRM software

When we first begin working together, the typical process we follow is a three phased approach.  And, we are there after the implementation to support and help as needed.

Our three-phased approach is a finely honed process that has ensured successful CRM implementations for over 12 years:

Phase I – Requirements/Discovery: 

This is such an important step as it is creating the requirements so your CRM database can be properly designed.  This is a formal process where we meet with all of the key stakeholders on your team to understand where the data is now, what functions do you need to get from your CRM database and what kind of reports do you need out of the CRM database.  The results of this phase are a Product Requirements Document and a proposal for the implementation.  The Product Requirements Document has an executive summary highlighting the desired outcomes for the CRM, a detailed list of features needed and a detailed list of requirements for the CRM.  Additionally, if there is more than one CRM that meets the requirements, you will also receive a matrix comparing the CRM’s against your required features.

Phase II – Implementation: 

Once the requirements have been agreed to, a successful implementation is all about timing and scheduling. Our first meeting is to set the schedule and roles. While CRM Total Solutions will be the project manager and ensure milestones are met, you and your team will also have a role in the implementation. Typically that role is providing the data that will be imported into your CRM as well as reviewing the customized database to ensure it meets your requirements. Once the specific requirements have been identified, we create a very detailed implementation plan. This plan is designed to be efficient, minimize disruption to the organization and delivered in a timely manner. Typical implementation items include database customization, software installation and configuration and specific user preferences setup.

Phase III – Training:

Training is a critical component to the successful implementation of your CRM solution. Each training is customized to meet the specific needs of you and your team. The professionals at CRM Total Solutions are certified trainers so you can be sure that we know how to teach and coach your team in a way that encourages retention of information. All of our training is hands-on, which means that after we demonstrate the functionality, you and your team practices it. The goals of the training are to ensure consistent usage and data entry as well as maximizing the database mining for scheduling activities, finding business prospects and increasing revenue. Training is also important to ensure your team is more confident and becomes productive faster, which helps ensure the fastest ROI for the CRM implementation.