CRM Training

After spending lots of money on the software and customization, training is critical for your team. CRM Total Solutions has certified trainers who understand how to communicate information in a way that can be easily understood and assimilated.

All of our CRM training is hands-on. Our approach is simple and effective. We demonstrate a specific function and then ask you to try it. Hands-on training adds a third modality and really cements the understanding. You hear how to do it. You see our trainer do it. Then you get a chance to do it as well.

And in this new world of instant information and shorter attention spans, we have evolved our trainings over time from full day CRM trainings to focused One Hour Lunch N Learn training. We have found that almost everyone can give a dedicated one hour to learn something new. This approach teaches new functions and allows your team to try them during the training and then immediately after the training as well.

In addition to hands-on CRM training, all of our training is customized for you and your team. This means that your objectives and goals for the training become our objectives and goals. And we train using your specific database rather than a demo database. This allows the training to be real as the data is your data.

Here are the various training options:

1:1 coaching – this training is customized 1:1 with you. For many of our clients, they put together a list of questions or functions they need to learn and then we get into a training session and go through each function. This is highly targeted and specific training and is incredibly effective.

Introduction to CRM (typically 3-4 one hour Lunch N Learn sessions) – the goal of this training is to ensure everyone is using the CRM in the same consistent fashion as well as teaching the core functionality of how to navigate and use the CRM. The topics covered are: CRM navigation (aka. How to get around); adding contacts to your CRM; basic lookups of contacts; scheduling activities/to-do’s; integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Advanced CRM Training (typically 2-3 one hour Lunch N Learn sessions) – the goal of this training is to create Power CRM users. The topics covered are: advanced lookups/queries; creating customized reports; creating email templates; setting up workflow tasks.

eMarketing Training (typically 1-2 one hour Lunch N Learn sessions) – the goal of this training is to teach you how to make eMarketing templates; send out campaigns; track results and creating action items for the hot prospects.

Administrative CRM Training (typically 1-2 one hour Lunch N Learn sessions) – this training covers adding users to your CRM database; database customization; data import and export; database backups and restores; creating remote/off-line databases.