Descriptions of Act! Versions

Act! Versions

Act! Pro – ideal for single users as it has all of the core functionality of Act!

Act! Premium – ideal for teams of users as you can remotely access your database via a browser, have remote databases that can sync anytime, check availability of other users calendars, create Teams, and many other functions. There are 2 ways to purchase Premium:

Perpetual license – means you own that license and are not required to pay a yearly renewal fee.

Subscription – means you pay an annual fee which includes Act! tech support as well as all future upgrades to Act!

Act! Premium Hosted – this version includes having the database located on a third party server which manages backups, database maintenance. This is Act! in the cloud. Having someone else manage the server and database is awesome in the event of a disaster – server crash, earthquake, etc.

All Versions of Act! include:

  • 500 Contact Act! eMarketing account
  • Compatible with Win7, Win8 and Win10
  • Compatible with Office 365, Office 2016 and Office 64-bit

For Act! Premium, you also get:

  • New Web API functionality so you can link Act! to thousands of web-based tools, like Survey Monkey, Wufoo, Quickbooks Online, Gotomeeting, Gotowebinar, etc.
  • Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer access
  • Act! Companion – iOS and Android application for your smart devices where you can see all of your contacts and activities.

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