Act-Quickbooks Link


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If you rely on Act and Quickbooks to manage your business, then the Act-Quickbooks Link is ideal for you.  Not only does it reduce double data entry, but it also:

  • Sync’s Contact data between Act and Quickbooks by linking records.
  • Allows you to create a Quickbooks Customer record from a Contact record in Act!
  • Can create Quickbooks invoices, estimates and sales orders from within Act!
  • See Quickbooks Sales Transactions in Act!
  • See Quickbooks Items purchased in Act!
  • Create Act! Contacts from Quickbooks customer records
  • Customize the syncing/linking but mapping fields between Act and Quickbooks
  • If you have remote Act! databases, the Quickbooks data that goes into Act can also sync with the remote
  • View Past Due information in Act! – super important before you call customers


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