HandHeld Contact


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HandHeld Contact is like having a mini-Act on your phone where you can access your Contacts, Calendar and Activities. HandHeld Contact works with your iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry device. With HandHeld Contact, you can:

  • Make a call and then Record History after the call and it goes immediately into the Act database. [HINT: If your phone has voice dictation, you can easily dictate the notes from the call so you don’t need to spend time typing or “thumbing” the results].
  • Send an email from your phone and have that email go into that person’s Act History.
  • Send a text message and have the contents of the text message go into that person’s Act History.
  • See up to the last 5 Notes or Histories for each contact.
  • Clear Activities right from your phone and they are cleared in Act.
  • Schedule Follow up Activities once you clear an Activity.
  • Create Activities and Calendar items.
  • Export the Contacts from HandHeld Contact into your native Contacts.
  • Bring over custom fields from your database.


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