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TopLine Dash is the best report and dashboard tool for Act. It is incredibly easy to create reports and dashboards and you can modify the reports on the fly, which allows you to do quick “what if” analysis. With TopLine Dash, you can:

  • Compare, analyze and drill down on Activities, Histories, Opportunities, Products, Contacts, Companies – said another way, anything that is in Act can be reported.
  • The results can be presented in a List view with just the columns you want to see. This is also a great way to have different List Views with different columns shown.
  • The results can also be presented graphically – pie, bar, line, etc.
  • In addition to graphs and lists, the results can also be presented as KPI’s, which means Key Performance Indicators – basically a sum of the data that is presented numerically rather than graphically or in a list.
  • Doing “what if” analysis is a snap. With a couple of clicks, you can quickly filter any of the columns of data – so if you just wanted to look at one Record Manager rather than all of them, with one click you can see just that person’s items.
  • With one click, you can sort the List so perhaps you want to see it by Date and then look at it by Company – it’s just a matter of clicking that column header.
  • And you can group the data together, so perhaps you want to Group it first by Record Manager and then Group it by Activity Type – three clicks to get that important information.
  • With Act’s native report writer, you cannot do any quick revisions to a report – you actually have to go into the Report Editor and figure out how to do it and it’s not easy!


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