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With TopLine Designer, you can create custom tabs to keep track of one:many.  You may be saying, “huh?”.  What does 1: many mean?  The best way to explain it is to give examples.  Let’s say you have one customer with many transactions and you want to keep track of those transactions in Act.  That is a one:many – One customer: Many transactions.  And let’s say that for each transaction, you want to keep track of the products purchased – that is also a one:many and with TopLine Designer, you can have the Products table nested within the Transactions tab so they link up.

Here are some great examples of how you might use TopLine Designer:

  • Realtors, mortgage brokers – keeping track of real estate deals
  •  Sales people who want to create custom quotes and find the Act Opportunity module too limiting.  With TopLine Designer, you can create custom Word templates from the information.  You can create these templates from Contact records and/or Company records (note: you cannot create Word templates from Company records in Act natively so TopLine Designer is a great way to get that done).
  • Construction – keeping track of bids and sub-contractors
  • Finance – keeping track of deals and investments
  • The list goes on and on – if you want to keep track of the same type of thing over and over again, you will need TopLine Designer.


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