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Finding the right CRM and then getting it customized to meet your specific business needs can be challenging. It’s often difficult to weed through the list of features each CRM says they have to see if that is what you actually need. And then even more difficult to understand if that feature works or works in the way you want.

That’s where CRM Total Solutions comes in. We are CRM experts and have a proven methodology for partnering with you through this process. Just like a good architect is critical to the success of a building, having a CRM expert to help determine which CRM is right and then design it to meet your needs is critical to the long term successful usage.

And your database is valuable – it is valuable intellectual property for your company. So, investing in your database will have a financial payout as well.

CRM Total Solutions is ready to help you unlock your team’s potential through more effective, efficient selling. Now, more than ever, you need to make it easier for your people to focus on the best prospects and close more deals.

Certainly, customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence software is an important part of that equation. But so is an experienced partner who can make sure that your company is up and running with the new software on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your business. CRM Total Solutions is that partner.

Our team of experts, with proven track records, can apply the best practices we have developed over hundreds of successful CRM implementations to your project, allowing your team to focus on what you do best – building profitable relationships with your prospects & customers.

Our solutions deliver a comprehensive, 360-degree view of prospects, customers and opportunities, enabling your people to have the information on hand to identify, nurture and build customer loyalty. CRM Total Solutions can deliver an outstanding return on your investment.


We are the CRM experts! Call us today for any special requests, training or customizations.

Successful Implementation of CRM

We have found that a successful implementation follows this 3 Phased approach: Discovery requirements; Implementation and then Training. And then we will continue to be there for you to help support you with any questions, issues or additional training/coaching.  Learn More

PHASE I – Discovery

This is one of the most important phases as it is when we uncover all of the things you need the CRM to do for you and your team. You will receive a full Product Requirements Document as a result of this phase. It will include an executive summary as well a detailed list of the features you have said you need. If there is more than one CRM that meets these requirements, you also get a matrix that ranks each CRM against each of the features needed. While no CRM is perfect, this gives you the ability to determine which features are most important. Learn More

PHASE II – Implementation

Once the right CRM has been chosen, a successful implementation involves timely coordination of effort. From gathering all of the data sources, like Outlook contacts and excel spreadsheets to customizing the database to creating meaningful reports – having that completed in a timely fashion is key. To ensure this happens, the first step in implementation is a meeting to set the schedule. CRM Total Solutions prides itself on always delivering on-time. Learn More

PHASE III – Training

Training is one of the most important parts of this process. Having a customized database with your data already in it is the perfect launch point for training. CRM Total Solutions are experts at training and are Act! certified trainers. Our training is results oriented and ensures each team member knows how to do the core functions in a consistent manner. This is key when you are doing database lookup’s – the data has to be in the same spot in order to search on it.  Learn More

On-Going Support

Your database will grow and we grow with you. We provide on-going support for troubleshooting, answering “how-to” questions, coaching, and help you with business processes issues. Learn More

Buying Act! Software

Act! continues to innovate with adding valuable and useful features that save time, integrate with other web-based solutions and improve where and how you can access your database.

Most recently, Act! has opened the API for any web-based application for data sharing. This means that web applications like Survey Monkey, Wufoo, Quickbooks On-line and thousands more can be integrated into Act! for data sharing. So, let’s say you have a survey that you have created with Survey Monkey – you can set up Act so that the results of the survey go directly into Act’s History as soon as the survey is submitted… or that an Act activity is created to Follow up on the survey.

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CRM Training

CRM Total Solutions has certified, professional trainers, who know how to present material in a way that can be retained. Our approach to training is real-world and hands-on. This means we train using your CRM database rather than a demo database. We also do hands-on training, which means that we first demonstrate it, then you and your team practice it – this is the best way to truly learn how to use your CRM. Click here for details on CRM Training options.

CRM Reports

After spending time, energy and money on determining your requirements and then customizing the database and training the team, having meaningful reports is key. This is all about data mining – digging into your database to identify business opportunities and then creating activities to close those opportunities. Reports that our clients typically like to see are:

  • Pipeline/Forecast reports – where is the future business and what is the likelihood that it will close and when.
  • Activity reports- what is my team doing?   How many calls, meetings are they having? Are they sending out follow emails?

CRM Total Solutions are experts at creating custom reports to track exactly what you need to track.

Getting Your Data Into Your CRM

It doesn’t matter where your data is now – Outlook Contacts, excel spreadsheets, Dbase, Access, Salesforce.com, Act! – we have tools to properly extract the data and get it into your new database.  So, if you want to take an existing salesforce.com database and convert that to Act!, we can help.

We also have tools to clean up duplicate records so your database is clean and functional.  Having duplicates is very problematic as data may be on one record and not on the other and combining them into one complete record is something we can help with.

Cloud Based CRM

Being in the “cloud” can often be confusing. So what does it mean? Simply put, it means that your database is on someone else’s server. That means someone else is responsible for ensuring your database is secure and backed up. This also means the only way you can access your database is using a browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome. There are some CRM solutions like Act! that are hybrid solutions. You can have your Act! database in the cloud and you can have a syncing copy of that database on your laptop or the server in your office. This gives you the best of both worlds – access to your database from any browser as well as increased functionality because you are using an application on your computer to access and use the Act! database.